Aug 29, 2009

090518 Rita went to japan

Time passed so quickly by my side ...

the time that Rita gotta go has coming ...

the Best time in life is

having dinner with precious ppl and talking together ...

the most BBQ Party in Lizy's house

Finally she gone but at the moment ..

she was in the Airport Tax-free shop ...

She could see me and ...

There's nothing I can do except show her some words through the phone ..

After she gone big parade was held on in portdouglas ...

Lot's of things to see

except her at the moment

090515 Alex with BB

When I was be with them every hours was so meaningful ..

Thank you Alex & BB

Alex is a friendly Chef come from German

One day he caugh a big big Baramundi and it was ...

BB trying to learn how to make Sushi

and Her Sushi is like ...

in her house

together with them was so happy Alex is kind BB is always Bright ...

They give us manything and lear us many thing as well ...

now they has gone but I hope I could see them again.

090507 Our new sofa

all i wish is if there are music that makes you happy ..

before went out for ...?

buy some baby seater for material and...

We meet somebody could cut and fix this stuff for us to make sofa ~

Carying these to home ...

and this is it !

Rita happy

I am happy too

Aug 16, 2009

090501 Morning of Port Douglas

Must have to do in the Port Douglas !!

Go for morning of 4 mile beach

I'm myself ! - Jude

나는 나다!

Aug 15, 2009

090402 4월 포트더글라스의 풍경들.. ^^

코코넛 게로 추정됨

Coconut Crap

Front of Police Station
Big Tree

포트더글라스의 아름다운 풍경들 ~

Beautiful Scenery and memory ^^

Aug 4, 2009

090804 Jude in maneri


다른 워홀비자 블로그가 왜이리 안올라오는지..

좀 알것같다.


요즘 바리스타일을 그만두고..

스폰서 비자를 찾아볼까 하는 생각에

리조트일을 찾고 있는데..

생각보다 쉽지 않은듯..

뭐 어쨌든 호주는 기회의 땅이고 축복받은 나라라서..

아는 친구들 동생들... 다 오라고 적극적으로 추천을 해주고..

인터넷 깐 김에 네이트온까지 들어가주며...

친구들과 많이 얘기하며 시간을 보내고 있지만...

역시 공부 안하면 영어는 늘지 않는다.

다행히 리타의 친구 비비와 알렉스를 만나거나

가게에서 일 할때 제임스가 영어 욕을 많이 가르쳐줘서 ~

뭔가 욕만 늘고 있는 상태..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

곧 사진도 올릴게 지난 이야기들도 함께 ㅋㅋㅋ 바이바이