Sep 9, 2009

090805 Last day with BB N Alex

In australlia many ppl seperate as soon as they begging to knowing each other.

jude : my face might be smaller than this Fruit ( what was it?)

Rita : wow it's awsome big...

actually her face is smaller than that one ;;

after 1 month i saw a one than bigger than my face

Same one as on first picture...


in front of colse back?

in the morning Rita want to see Sunday market without Breakfast.

I'm still hungry . ! !

it's been a long time to go to Cairns

and first time to DFO in cairns

Rita : Let's take a photo !

Jude : what a peasant ...

it's not allowded taking a pictures of us concept

but i took.

Smile !

on the Lagoon of Cairns

I'm really good at taking picture... amazing

Jude : Oh god.. I think I blink at the moment.

BB : Jude? it doesn't matter you wearing a sunglass don't you?

Rita : Here we go again, Say 'Cheese' !

this is second shot

they looks like very very relax and piecefull

really happy and nice day of Cairns with Alex & BB

one last day Alex and BB supossed to go to party which Alex worked before called 'Mango jam'

and it's pirate's party so...

Jude : Wow Alex you look greate like reall pirate !

Alex : Thanks jude I like this picture.

Jude : look nice frowning at here

beard looks real, by the way what are you wearing at?

Alex : black one on my head? it's my underwear

Jude : ... ?

Come on !

Not on me !

I'm not your enemy !

BB you looks so beautiful !

it show ni ! ( for your information this is japanese )

090717 Chi hi ro came

Chi hi ro came to see Rita for one day

and we supposed to went to fishing but...

we don't have plenty enough time to go to lake

so ... ?

we went to our swimming pool to fishing

and we caught a leaf

we went to 4 mile beach as well

together !

Rita's small string rod and ...

I smoke with that straw rod ... ?

to fishing is very very tired ... sometimes

090707 Fishing at the zetty

normally we do fishing at the Zetty.

but it's very difficult cause there's no answer from fish for 1 hour to 3 hour

so normally we are give up soon and come back soon.

but the reason why we've been there is simply it's very close to our house.

fake bite Squid never worked

getting yakuja

throw throw throw !
without answer ...

our fishing set in the colse shopping basket.

so we know if we'd like to enjoy our fishing than should've go to lake

which is far from our home but

to lazy !!

Sep 4, 2009

090704 Fishing together with ...

Fishing is our favour

cause there's no much things to do

in this small town

Ready to Fishing and ... go

Alex pees in the lake and I'm fishing only with string.

actually he using rod but it really looks like pees in

Alex & BB looks really really foreigner in this picture

Finally I got fish only with string !

Frankly the one who got the fish was Rita ^^

090618 Rita back seashore

Rita come back

and in the sea shore

Man who thinking

4 mile beach nice sky and me

4mile beach nice girl came back

Pretending as made by myself